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Looking for a more active fellowship


New Member
My name is Enchanted55935 and I'm looking for a new fellowship. I have a score of 108341, and am close to finishing the Orcs and Goblins section. My primary products are Marble, Crystal, and Gems; so I am looking for a fellowship that has more of the other resources for better trading. I am a friendly addition to any group and never cause any drama. I am helpful when my teammates are in need and a good team member who does my best to advance the group. I'm on most days, so I do almost daily visits, even if I can't be online long. However, I'm not an obsessive player; I'm not online ALL THE TIME. I know to some groups, that's important, so just know I'm active but not on constantly. I'm looking for a friendly group who helps each other out, and likes to compete in the games. I'm not looking for a top ranked group that has extremely high expectations, since I play this game to relax and have fun, but I love some healthy competition and teamwork. Also, as a side note, I play primarily on my phone, so I get chat but not messages usually (hopefully they add that feature soon). While trying to find a new team I'll check my messages more often, but just know that I'm most easy to reach by chat. If I sound like a good fit for your team, please let me know!


Well-Known Member
Hi Enchanted55935. Clan of Unity is currently looking for active players. We are a friendly, drama free, active group currently ranked 24th that does a minimum of 4 visits a week though daily is the goal. We also participate in tourney, acheiving 8 chests per week for the past year, with the occassional 9 and 10 chests. We are hoping to make 9 chests the weekly average and to make acheiving 10 chests durning tourney a regular accomplishment. We participate in FA events and finished 7th and 15th during the last two events. We have several KP threads for AW growth. We currently have 2 openings. Please let me know if you are interested. Happy Gaming.
--T6583, Clan of Unity


Active Member
howdy howdy enchantress.. Guardians of light is seeking 2 people would love to have you.. we are ranked around the same as above.. a great group of people have a great time. we do ask that you do daily's and have a minimum we ask u to do on the 10 chest tourny.. message me in game or here if u like
game on and prosper


Well-Known Member
If you haven't looked at Starship Valiant, please do so. We have 2 openings and would love to have you.

Captain AJ


New Member
Hello, Enchanted. If you're still looking around, we have a number of openings in Boosted Traders & Tourney. Your boosted goods are a good fit for us, as well as your neighborly visit habits. We push for the 10th chest every 6-8 weeks, depending on holidays and such, and generally get to the 6th or 7th chest on the non-push weeks. We do participate in the other events, and we have completed maps (when we agree the prizes are worth the effort). We like to chat in-game, but we understand the limitations of those who play primarily on mobile. I can definitely communicate that to the group. Hope to see you join us. If not, always happy gaming and happy holidays.