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Looking for a new fellowship


Hey, everyone. My current fellowship is disbanding, so I'm looking for a new one. I have roughly 40,000 points and boosted steel, scrolls, and dust. I log in every day and participate fairly regularly in weekly events (currently building up my military buildings to contribute more).


Did you find a new FS? If not you may want to consider Silver Uni, Ceravyn. As a membership we have been together for several years, with just one or two that are now under-active/inactive. We enjoy Tournies and Events, specially the FA. Our towns score range from 7500 to 200,000. We may not chat everyday, or all day, but we do get along and discuss various topics, game and non-game. If you know of others that are looking for a great fs, have them DM me Twinklet, Silver Uni, Ceravyn


Check out Ceravyn's Rogues. We need to replace an inactive Player with your Boosts. Message me.



  1. We Are Cuile
  2. Just started a Fellowship and are already 22:cool: strong with experience player:rolleyes: who play almost on a daily Basis'
  3. We promote Growth fair Play, NO DRAMA, and friendly chat
  4. It does not matter your size right now We are looking for some player boosted in Everything LOL or Just play a lot:D
  5. So if you want too have fun have great chat along with help with Groth and information this is were you want to be
  6. :)So look us up and apply