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Looking for a new fellowship.


New Member
I am a player on US1-chapter 15-ranked 702 Boosted in steel, scrolls, dust, gum, velvet and cosmic.

I am looking for a friendly fellowship who actively participates in the FA, achieves silver occasionally in the spire, regularly gets 9-10 chests in the tournament.


Oh Wise One
@Peggee First of all, I have a fellowship in Arendyll and right now I REALLY wish I had an open spot cause I would send you an invitation in a heartbeat. Unfortunately, I do not have an open spot right now so I can't. That being said, I think you are **SERIOUSLY** under valuing yourself. You are a chapter 15 player. And according to Elvenstats your tournament average is 3542. A chapter 15 player who averages 3500 weekly should not ask for a fellowship that gets "9-10 chests" and which "achieves silver occasionally". Honestly 10 chests every week and silver every week should be your *STARTING POINT.* You should laugh at any fellowship which offers less than this. If you are good in the spire and can reach the top, you would be welcome in any top 10 gold spire fellowship. I hope this helps...


Active Member
I have invited you and would be very glad if you accept. we play the FA and always make it to the pit. we play the tourney every week and are getting to chest 9, we need to get back to getting 10, but have a few players missing.


Hi Peg!

I don't know if you are still looking but the FS I am in (fairly new) is getting 10+ chest and silver in the spire! There's an EZ AW method and the AM is intelligent, easy to talk to, as is the FS and is paring down the inactives for those who want to play with like-minded people. And yes, also active in FAs. Don't let the rank fool you, , as I said, it's a process. Hit up Lord Justinian and chat! We're in Reapers *recruiting*. Hope to see you! That was FUNNY, talking to each other in Sinya!
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