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Looking for a new home.

Meira the Kind

New Member
I’m looking for a new fellowship that both of my cities can call home. I have been with my current FS since the beginning of time and have seen it dwindle into the abyss. While I am sad to leave, I wish for more excitement in my game and the fellowship conversation that goes with it. I do not do drama. I have a busy life outside of the game and drama just doesn’t make for happy gameplay. I have a wonderful imagination. In my current FS, I share AM duties and am also the Hostess. Welcoming the new players and throwing parties. While all of that was grand, I would love to just be a fellow and enjoy the game without any responsibilities outside of tournaments, spires, FAs, daily visits, and chit chats. Since all my classes are online now, I am in residence often. What we are looking for is a laid-back, low-key FS that isn’t pushy or highly competitive (would like to see what 10 chests looks like at some point though); that likes to have fun and promotes camaraderie among its members. I am a team player and my sister city and I make 3 chests ( I know that’s not a lot but we are alone in this endeavor) and would promise to do our very best to make a good showing in whatever contest the FS is involved in.

You can check Mynxi and I out at ElvenStats and if you are interested please send a message via Meira the Kind in the Keepers of Avalon.


New Member
My fellowship, NoRules Family, would be happy to have you. We are low pressure and no drama. We are getting 8 or 9 tournament chests each week. Your cities would be two of the five largest in the FS. If all that is agreeable check us out and let us know.
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New Member
You're welcome to join us in Serenity Cove! Our #1 rule is No Drama!! We're a new fellowship looking for others who want to play & help others build. Please feel free to check us out! :)