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Looking for active, low level fellowship


TARDIS Travelers welcomes lower level players who are willing to grow and be involved. We currently have 12 members with 2-3 who aren't helping with tournament, spire, or growth. Our rank is 230something. We're pretty chill and would love to have new members.

TARDIS Travelers
AM: Cayesavegan
M: Aurorii
M: Kristina3400


New Member
West Bearhaus is from-the-ground-up fellowship, perfect for a second city or pioneer spirit. We are family-oriented and PG, but pretty obsessive in our game. We have been quietly building and are ready to expand to some new players. If you are in the first two chapters and want to get in on the ground level, please join us!

West BearHaus
AM: Shemontemae
House of Taggarton would love to have you. A large number of its fellows are lower, but the two mages are higher and are always happy to answer questions.


New Member
Midnight Soc,-RECRUITING is open to all. We have members in chapter 2 and up, with our highest ranked player at over 500K points . Very supportive and collaborative but non-dictatorial.


New Member
Green heart is a small start up fellowship looking for active players. we have members in chapter 1 one up. It is one of 4 sister Fellowships in other worlds and we provide help with advice and helping you grow. We are pretty laid back and ask that you play 2 to 3 times a week, give neighborly help and active trader. Tourney's, the adventures and the spire are encouraged.


New Member
I am active, nearing level 3 and an experienced player.
Midnight Soc.-Recruiting would be happy to have you with us! We have fellows in chapter 2 and up. Few rules and supportive of each other. Open recruitment, so you don't need an invitation to sign on.


New Member
Hi sh0lmes,
we are seeking for players and if u are still interested you can find us in Erdduin.
Apply directly for membership if this sounds like the fellowship for you.
We are here to have fun!


Natures Mtn is a fairly new FS, we have new cities & some larger, we are active in tourney & spire, you do what you can, no certain amount of points required. We all help each other & gladly answer any questions that anyone has, ours is a real life comes first, no drama FS. Everyone enjoyed the last FA, some had never done one before & other had. Come check us out. Best Wishes, Good Luck & Have Fun