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Looking for an active fellowship Marble/Crystal/Elixir

Juju Rain

New Member

I am looking for a relaxed fellowship. I participate in all events. I am not a fan of FA, but I wont ignore it if there are others playing. I am max boosted in marble, crystal, and elixir. I have a chapter 3 alt that I want to bring in as well. I play it just as hard as my higher chapter in tournaments and spire. It is boosted in steel, scrolls, and elixir. It is very steel heavy. I work them both hard with lvl 10 fire phoenix's and expiring buildings.

I would really like to be in a fellowship with several players that are close to chapter 7 and higher who play in tournaments and spire. I am generous to newer players that are active and want to learn. I also like to find out new things about the game. It has been a while since I have played with more experienced players.

I have no hang ups, and can get along with anyone. I don't care about rank, my own or anyone elses.

Elven stats says I am:
Rank: 2007 Score: 69,553 Tournament Avg: 2432
Alt - Rank: 5459 Score: 16409 Tournament Avg: 1590

Please PM juju rain if you have a couple spots and are looking to add or solidify your chest game.

Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
@Juju Rain My fellowship (The Rising Stars) has a couple of spots available. We get 11 chests and silver in spire every week. We are active, friendly and love helping one another with the game. Send me a message if you’re interested and feel free to check us out in ElvenStats.