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Looking For Balanced Fellowship


Hi there.... I'm a advance player that plays in all 7 worlds and is looking for a Balanced Boosted Goods Fellowship that also plays in the Tournaments and does fair trades... ( Not always cross tier trades ) I have 2 cities in the Orc chapter and 2 cities in the Fairies chapter ( which are at the end ) and 2 in the Dwarves chapter. Just starting out in this world ( Ceravyn )... Chapter Five..... I have bounced around Fellowships in this world trying to find the right one...... I'm not really chatty, but will chat some and read all FS messages...... I'm a Mage in 3 of my worlds, so please don't ask me to be one once I'm in your FS. So I hope to hear from you....

Deathstryde ............ But you can call me DS or Stryde.... :)

So what I'm looking for in a Fellowship...

Balanced Boosted Goods FS
Fair Trades
Tournament FS - ( 6 to 8 chests )
No Drama
Need at least 15 members to be in FS ( All active please )



What are your boosted goods?

I'm the membership contact for Rebel Geek Squad. We recently had an exodus centered around how the fellowship should be run. Now, we're looking to rebuild. It's a great group of laid back players that are FANTASTIC about trades.


Wanna be part of something special, have fun helping player build and them helping you? How about great conversation? We are looking for active players like yourself, with Boost, Marble in Planks. If you are at all interest PLEASE let me know and allow me too make it the most fun you have playing this game
King of the World Dilly Dilly
P.S. Did I mention the free beer Bud Lite for everyone that joins :)
Contact me through E-mail or Just apply