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Looking for fellowship


New Member
Hi White Image,
we are seeking for players and if u are still interested you can find us in Erdduin/US2 Server/Winyandor.
Apply directly for membership if this sounds like the fellowship for you.
We are here to have fun!
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Hi White Image did you leave & go to another world, I checked & couldn't find you here in Winyandar. Would love to have had you check us out. Best Wishes, Good Luck & Have Fun.
Lyinaral / Arch Mage / Natures Mtn


If they weren't going to play in Winyandor , then they shouldn't have listed their name in that world.


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White Image, the best way to find a good fellowship is to first look through the overviews of some fellowships that you like. (You can see all the fellowships on your world by clicking on your ranking score in the top left side while in game, and then clicking on "fellowships." Check out their overviews while you're there.) Once you have the names of at least five fellowships you think you might like to join, and whose overviews seem to be friendly to new players (no harsh minimums on tourney or spire, etc), then take those 5 names and go to elvenstats.com. Type in each name in the fellowships tab and make certain you are choosing the name from your world (there are some names that are the same on more than one world.)

Check out each fellowship. Do they need your boosted goods? No sense in joining a fellowship that has a glut of your items and needs the same items you do. Second, do they have a lot of black triangles next to their names? Those I would avoid, since they mean the player may not be as active as you'd like. Third, how many chests do they get in the tournament? (if that's important to you) Lastly, scroll down and see how many people have recently left the group. if you've had an en masse exodus, they MAY (or may not) have had a reason.

Once you pare down your list and find the perfect one, then go back in game and send a message to the archmage and mages, asking them if they'd take you on. You can always apply ... but I would also send a message, since some good fellowships forget to check their application page. They virtually never forget their messages and you sending a message allows them to get to know you. Good luck!


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Is zombie thread, with a player who hasn't had score change since 11 July. Not sure if purge of inactive cities hit the OP's area on US2, but would be a reason that @Lyinaral couldn't find them in Winyandor directory. (Also on Ceravyn, no score change since 11 July 2021.) And something odd with ES on that FS, Angelic Rescue, too; notice how there's no triangle on OP's US2 ES page? There's also no listing for them on the FS page, but if you look at the joined/left list at the bottom of the ES page for the FS, they're listed as joining on 2021-07-04 but never leaving.

In general, though, @Darielle's advice is still good, for anyone reading thread.

And, not that this thread is really the place to discuss it, but I was under the impression that alternate accounts were perfectly kosher so long as they weren't feeder cities (I think there's another term for them, but what I mean is cities that are created solely for the purpose of benefiting another city owned by the same person). So being an "alt of many alts" isn't against the rules in and of itself - at least as I understand them. @helya can correct me if I'm wrong, because I don't want to be saying something untrue about that. My point is that, if it isn't against the rules, there's absolutely no reason why the "alt of many alts" shouldn't be permitted to post a thread seeking a different fellowship from the one their main account is enlisted in.

Edit: Also, @helya, is there a function in place to comb the forum "members seeking FS" threads when the accounts are deleted from the worlds? I know there's something about the e-mail not matching the world account, and if the world account got deleted, I imagine that would eventually kick off an e-mail to the forum account holder telling them that they needed to associate the correct e-mail. If/When that didn't happen, I imagine the forum account would get deleted, and of course, no one is going to go looking for "deleted user #####" in their game world when there's no clickable link to the forum account profile.

But if there is still an active world account, the forum account wouldn't get caught up in that bot reading because even if they got deleted from Winyandor, they might still have an account on US[#] that was active. But the Winyandor thread wouldn't be needed anymore (like this one, obviously). So is there any kind of function that sweeps the forum for 'dead account' threads? I'm not sure I'm being terribly clear here.

(Don't want to go making suggestions for things that exist but we never see because they function in the background.)
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hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
i could not care less how many cities people have but this one misrepresents himself and uses alt cities to screw with fellowships as do the many other alts it has, thus the warning to do your homework