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looking for new fellowship (arendyll)


New Member
Relaxed Daily Players is looking for a friendly dedicated member. Only requirement is doing visits. Check us out. Thanks, Labdude


New Member
We are a fellowship that provides friendship, fair trading, and exchange of knowledge and ideas! If you are looking to learn and grow, or have knowledge to share, this is the fellowship for you!

We only ask the following five items:
1. That you visit all fellowship member 3-4 times per week. More is appreciated if you’re able to.

2. That you code your township name so others will know what type of support you
need, such as: C - for Culture, B - for Builder and MH -for your Main Hall. You can change this to reflect the needs of your city as you need to.

3. Trading: All members are expected to post 2 or 3 star trades only, unless there is an arrangement o an agreement between players.
Also, please filter the offered trades to see what your fellow teammates have posted before you post your own. They may be asking for the trade you need already. Let’s help each other grow together.

4. And please treat every player with respect and courtesy.

And finally the 5th item: Is that you have fun!

Archmage, Arabella Bloodgood, Server us1, Guild of Draconis, Arendyll