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Looking for new home

Nartis Hanta

New Member
Hi there I'm nartis, I took another hiadas again. But I'm back at chapter 5 with boosts of
Wood silk and dust

Just looking for an alliance where I can activity the fellowship. From spire to Adventures and much more. And even trades. Looking for something higher up and more skilled then me to call my new home.

Preference is 10 chest alliance
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Feel free to look us over and message me in game. I go by the same name there. Not sure if we are exactly what you are looking for. We do have some that have played awhile and decent scores.

Ms Molly

New Member
Are you still looking, Nartis Hanta? My fs is smallish...but, it has all really good people and we have several advanced players. Give me.... ( Ms Molly ) a jingle if you are interested. The fellowship name is Minas Tirith - Recruiting.


New Member
Hello, I'm Stefaniarosa the archmage of zestlandia fellowship. We are recruiting, we're 18 members at the moment & has finished the last 3 FAs. We're a stress free, helpful but fun fellowship. Please look us up & I'll send you an invite. Happy gaming ☺
serenity in chaos would be happy to have you. We play the tourney, all events, and the Adventures too. We have 1 spot open. We desperately need silk