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Looking for someone willing to groan with us


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What did the zero say to the eight?
That belt looks good on you.

Kattegat's Lege has several openings currently that we are looking to fill.

We are a 10-chest minimum FS with monthly gold pushes working towards becoming a Gold Spire FS. Our next push is this coming week, 7 August.

We offer virtual brownies, multiple AW KP swap threads (not required, but there if you want to use them), shout outs, plans to help you grow your city drawn up on ElvenArchitect if you're interested in having them, advice on life when requested - and just a listening ear when you don't want any advice, tips on Elvenar play-strategies, a robust and fair (2 stars, cross-trading must be approved beforehand) trading environment, and dad jokes.

What do you call a factory that makes okay products?
A satisfactory.

If you're looking for an active FS where the players like to have fun in a drama-free way (as much as possible, at any rate ;)), check us out! Our ES page is here.

We currently have several openings, and we're not too picky about boosted goods. :) Cities in all stages of play are welcome, but please do mind the few requirements we have: you do have to grow your city, visit your fellows, climb the Spire, and you do need to get a minimum of 1400 each week in the tourney. We're willing to work with smaller cities and new players to help them build to that point, so if you're ready to put in the effort to grow your Harandar city, we're looking for players like you!

Two guys walked into a bar.
The third guy ducked.
Come grow and groan with us!

Families are like brownies, mostly sweet with a few nuts.