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Looking for someone willing to groan with us


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What did the zero say to the eight?
That belt looks good on you.

Kattegat's Lege has several openings currently that we are looking to fill.

We are a 10-chest minimum FS with monthly gold pushes working towards becoming a Gold Spire FS. Our next push is this coming week, 7 August.

We offer virtual brownies, multiple AW KP swap threads (not required, but there if you want to use them), shout outs, plans to help you grow your city drawn up on ElvenArchitect if you're interested in having them, advice on life when requested - and just a listening ear when you don't want any advice, tips on Elvenar play-strategies, a robust and fair (2 stars, cross-trading must be approved beforehand) trading environment, and dad jokes.

What do you call a factory that makes okay products?
A satisfactory.

If you're looking for an active FS where the players like to have fun in a drama-free way (as much as possible, at any rate ;)), check us out! Our ES page is here.

We currently have several openings, and we're not too picky about boosted goods. :) Cities in all stages of play are welcome, but please do mind the few requirements we have: you do have to grow your city, visit your fellows, climb the Spire, and you do need to get a minimum of 1400 each week in the tourney. We're willing to work with smaller cities and new players to help them build to that point, so if you're ready to put in the effort to grow your Harandar city, we're looking for players like you!

Two guys walked into a bar.
The third guy ducked.
Come grow and groan with us!

Families are like brownies, mostly sweet with a few nuts.


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Hello, Elvenar forumites!

Kattegat's Lege is looking for some new players who want to have fun and are competitive - and can shake their heads at bad jokes.

I was out on a walk when I saw a sign that said, “Man wanted for robbery.”
So I went in and applied for the job.

A brief look at our activity:
  • We finished 12th in the FA earlier this week.
  • We get at least 10 chests every week in the Tourney.
  • We have a gold push week the first full week of every month. The next one will start on 05 Feb 2023.
(Yes, I do know some of this is repetition, but it helps in this case to remind you it's still valid since that last post was five months ago!)

Did you hear the one about the kid who started a business tying shoelaces on the playground?
It was a knot-for-profit.

We currently have 4 openings on our team. So come join us! *sets out platter of brownies* (We are not above food bribery, no we are not. ;))


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Our Gold push week is coming up soon! We still have openings for anyone who wants to join us in getting those :diamond: come the first Sunday in February.

Why do seagulls fly over the sea?
Because if they flew over the bay, then they'd be bagels.

The group is currently set to join directly, so feel free to come on over!

Air used to be free at the gas station. Now it costs $2.50. Know why?

*sets out freshly baked goods and libations* Still not above food bribery. ;)

{Psst! Click on the blurry part to get it to show.}


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We are officially now a Gold Spire FS! Come join us and every Friday that you join us at the top of the Spire, you'll receive:

275 :diamond:
3 10% portal profits (ch 6+) / 3 50% supply windfall (ch 3-5*)
2 teleport building spells
22 Combining Catalysts
33 5-hour time boosters

What's red and bad for your teeth?
A brick.
We are also a 10-chest + Tourney FS.

Please be aware that there is only (at this time) 1 blueprint in the tournament, in chest #10. There are no additional blueprints given for completing additional chests. That said, we do get more than 10 each week, but if you need to hold your goods after you've met your minimum score for the week, we understand that as well.

Each member of the FS is expected to make a minimum of 1400 points in the Tourney. This is easily done by logging in once each day between Tuesday and Saturday, between the hours of 11 AM Eastern and 1 PM Eastern, and completing one round in the first seven provinces on each of these days. These are early provinces, with no troops above 2 stars, so they can easily be battled. (My Harandar city is a catering city and I can battle those provinces through the fifth round of the tourney without using military boosters - other than the MM AW.)

So in addition to the Spire goodies on Friday, you would also get all the 10-chest tourney goods on Saturday! Plus the occasional extra RR and AW KP instant. ;)

Someone told me it was inappropriate to make a dad joke if you're not a dad.
It makes you a faux pa.

Come join us! We have several open slots right now that we're looking to fill as we've had some people recently leave due to life changes.

Two windmills are standing on a farm. One asks the other, "What's you favorite type of music?"
The second answers, "I'm a metal fan."

*Only accounts that have been grandfathered in can enter the Spire prior to chapter 5, where the Spire research has been moved for all new accounts. If you are not yet in chapter 5 and/or have not completed the Spire and/or Tourney researches, please send a message to OIM20 or JJORGA on Harandar server before applying to our group.

Edited to fix login times for the tourney. I forgot; the time changed on me this week and it's showing it closes at 2 PM Eastern Saturday, so to get the points needed, you'd, of course, have to log in before that. ;)
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We still have 2 open spots for anyone wanting to join us before the Spire starts in the morning!

What concert only costs 45 cents?
50 Cent with Nickelback