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Closed | Archived Loss of Troops that have not been used in battle


Active Member
I would like to ask everyone who has a fairly well developed second and third tab of warriors to help me, please.

Please forgive the all caps….they are only to call your attention to the specifics needed.

When you are playing the tourney today, BEFORE you start fighting, please take note of the number of TREANTS you have available….then go to a DIFFERENT TAB….one or two and use those warriors to AUTOFIGHT battle. After the battle, go to the next tab….how many Treants do you have now….is the number the same or are you minus some Treants? My treants keep diminishing even though I don't use them. I have lodged a ticket with support, but they do not seem to understand what is happening as they told me it is normal to loose troops in battle.....!!!!! What about the ones I did not use????? I lost them!


Oh Wise One
^What Mucksterme said. Every round of the tournament has a larger squad size than the one before it. Say you have 1000 Treants and the squad size of a round is 100. It will tell you that you 10 available squads. You move onto the next round. Squad size is now 150. You still have 1000 Treants, but because of the larger squad size the game will tell you that you have 6.6 available squads. You have not lost any troops, it just takes more troops to make up a squad.