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Lost provinces?


Well-Known Member
Game version: __ v1.136.4-(0acbfbb) - html5 (2021-08-19 15:02)
Game world: __US4
Browser + version: __Opera
Flash Player version: __HMTL5
Operating System: __Windows
Screen resolution: __
Account name: __Laochra
Humans or Elves: __Elf

Reproducibility: __ 4/5 = happens often, but not always

Quest title: __ (if applicable)

Current situation: Recruiting new members
__ When visiting a potential new member's city, while attempting to verify their boosted goods on the world map, it is redirecting to my map/province instead.

Expected situation:
__When going to a player's world map to check their boosts, it should open the world map to their province.

Reproduction Steps
__*Update: I just duplicated the glitch in US7-It is happening when I go to the player list-select a name, visit their city, then try to go to their map.
2. __
3. __
4. __
5. __
*ElvenStats is glitching this morning, so I have no way to verify boosted goods if the world map isn't working either.
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I'm on us7 using chrome on a chrome book and I tried both selecting a player from the list and searching for a player and for both cities going to the world map from their city left me centered on their city, not mine.


Community Manager
Elvenar Team
I'm going to mark it as not a bug for the moment, please let me know if it recurs