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Lots of "game lagging" complaints


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What happened that so many teammates are posting about the game lagging and even saying they are just about done because the lagging is to the point that the game isn't playable?


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I am only in 3 FS. I have not seen a single complaint in any of them. Is this a recent development? I had an auto update on mobile this am?


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That's unspecific enough for me to be entirely unsure what you're referencing.

We have a thread of "oopsies" that we see here: https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/are-we-sure-its-lag.27949/ that we've been told is a lag thing but really doesn't seem like it.

That's reinforced, imo, by the errors referenced from this post forward here: https://us.forum.elvenar.com/index.php?threads/square-profile-icons.28117/post-228707

If either of those aren't the kinds of things you're referencing, more information could be helpful so I don't offer generalities like
  • it could be your ISP
  • have you tried rebooting your device?
  • have you checked to see if all of your drivers are up to date?
  • have you cleared your cache in recent months? / When was the last time you cleared your cache?
I don't know where your teammates are located, either. It could be a regional issue, if only some players are having problems. It has been known to happen on occasion - though I don't know about it happening with Elvenar. I have seen the problem on other websites, and I recall it happening to Google once in 2020 that made international news.

Dew Spinner

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What happened that so many teammates are posting about the game lagging and even saying they are just about done because the lagging is to the point that the game isn't playable?
I have been having the same issue the last few days. I have to refresh the page or back out completely and come back in to solve it for a short time period. I have already done all the "usual" things and they did not clear it up. Screen is locking up and/or getting stream error.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I just sat through 4 replays of the same encounter trying to finish a manual combat. The forum was also slow to load or crapping out. The forum is just mostly text, so this is def a server issue involving only elvenar domains (both EN and US servers).


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@helya - might need a thread move to bugs?

For the record, I am not experiencing any slow loading as of this typing, either on the forums or in US5, US6, or US8. Can you see our IP addresses when we post? And when someone sends an e-mail to support, do you get some kind of location data as well? If so, you would be best able to determine if it is a regional issue without players publicly revealing their locations -- which, I do not recommend.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
I am seeing multiple loading errors.
Firstly there is the loading screen, I get 'server error' or the 'assets etc' about 1 in 8 times.
I get a lag at 26/29
If I don't have one of those, I get missing buildings.
If I don't get any of the above, the chests and ghosts don't load in Spire.
Sometimes the 'hand' disappears while trying to feed a Fire Phoenix.


Beloved Ex-Team Member
Perhaps we are looking at specific worlds. Could anyone having problems please include the information requested for bugs so I have a better idea of what is going on?


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Good thing Elvenar didn't exsist..... in the beginning....

300/1200 baud modems , roflmao !!!! if ya wanna talk Lag
(shall...... we.......play.......a......game)


There appears to be an issue with the chat system reported by several in the fellowship. I just logged out and back in an chat has messages that were not there before. Both the browser and app.


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
Ugh I just received my least favourite battle error: no hexes. :oops:
Please please please .... can I have invisible terrain instead?


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Can I get an update from anyone that was reporting problems yesterday? Are they ongoing?


Well-Known Member
I wasn't having any difficulty yesterday, but I got a "hardware error" when trying to load the game this morning. I've been experiencing about fifteen seconds of lag on the load screen since then. That's on all three worlds I play on, Elcysandir, Sinya Arda, Harandar.

I did clear my cache entirely (and, yes, the face thing is still happening too - the second face thing, not the first in the thread) and reboot the browser, and the difficulty is still there. That's what cleared whatever difficulty was causing the "hardware error".

Videos for Elcy and Sinya: (password: lagging)


Sinya Arda

For some reason, they look like crud on DailyMotion but they're fine on my computer. Even so, you should still be able to see the lag issues. I got one of the profile NH name change things in the Sinya video too.

Access details:
Version: v1.137.2-(b5d0ba0) - html5 (2021-09-02 09:31)
World: Elcysandir, Sinya Arda
Browser: Firefox 92.0.1 (64-bit)
OS: Win 10 64 Home
Screen resolution: 2560 x 1600
Account name: OIM20

Will test Harandar on mobile access to see if there's an issue there also.


Beloved Ex-Team Member
@OIM20 can you please load Elvenar in an incognito version of your browser and let me know if that makes any difference at all? Can you also run an internet speed test for me and PM me the results?


Well-Known Member
@helya, PM sent with results.

Harandar Private Browsing:

Harandar, Bluestacks:

I do not know if the fact that I'm using an emulator makes a difference (it might)


Well-Known Member
I play with Chrome browser on a Chromebook and other than a System Error when I first loaded around 07:00 PDT today things have been smooth sailing. I play on US1 Arendyll.


Can I get an update from anyone that was reporting problems yesterday? Are they ongoing?
hi helya,
I've been having the lagging "stream error" for a week now, both at work and home and pc and cell phone. I never had that before. I find weird that 2 devices and 2 places were fine and at the same time all are having the same problem. Hope this helps. Thanks