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Magic houses


Buddy Fan Club member
that makes me feel so much better.
If it helps I think the cost was 19.99US and that equates to 6,400 Diamonds off sale, but most new players would use them very early I bet. Since I knew the real value I have saved them and have no idea when I will use them. That city is at 3,600 diamonds for a new expansion at the moment and it's not growing more rapidly, so I still have extra space for the halflings.

However, we have strayed way off topic -- I do think if you want to buy an MR you should replace at least 2 residences, sell or teleport them.



Well-Known Member
its possible for Magic stuff to go on sale, and to not be able
to buy either 1. :eek: thats totally absurd..... even premium expansions
should be buyable, but just add'd to inventory for use later.


Why wouldn't you be able to add it to inventory? Prizes you win through events, crafting, and everything else go to inventory. If you purchase it it's yours. If there's not room, into inventory it goes. Makes sense to me.