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Majestics are recruiting!


New Member
We are the Majestics Fellowship.

--> We are not quite a full fellowship (23 players), yet we have earned 10 chests per tourney since February, and 11-12 chests per tourney since June!! We are looking for 2 helpful, team-oriented people to join us.

--> People that like to work as a team and will also try to be forgiving when things are not perfect. We are a true fellowship, each using the strengths of each other to grow strong. We are all highly competitive; but we do what we can when we can.

--> It can be difficult to put who we are into a few words. The right people find us. We are a strong team, and we are a force to be reckoned with!

--> Boosts needed: tier 1 -- marble or steel; tier 2 – scrolls; tier 3 – dust or elixir

--> Must have at least 700 points average in weekly tourneys.

--> Must be willing to go for gold in spire 1 time per 4-6 weeks.

--> We get all 3 levels done in FA (all of the waypoints and flags done on the first 2 levels, and most on the 3rd level), with everyone's help!

--> Please contact Mariposa2 or Xjohanna with your interest -- in the game -- in Khelonaar.