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Make buildings smaller with next guess race?


This suggestion has to do with Guest Races; Progress of the Game after Completing Tech Tree; Strategy; and ultimately the Game Direction.

I'm not exactly sure where to post my ideas because it's more of a general game concept rather then any specific item. This game is a "building game" providing great enjoyment to folks who like the puzzle aspect of what comes with this type of game play. So why not promote that?

I'd like to suggest making the "guest-race aspect" of the game more interesting and challenging by, perhaps considering reducing the size of the city buildings on the next upgrade [i.e. from level 19 to level 20, etc.]? The fairy race a was perfect chance to set all the advance players into a "tail spin" [and by the way, probably a well received challenge], and having them to reorganize & rethink their layout of the city? This would seem to free up lots of grid space, yet the new race could, perhaps require a huge amount of space on a temporary basis, thereby keeping the net change the same. Then the subsequent race could be giants [or something similar, amazons, etc], that might significantly increase the the size of the main buildings, and to counter that, the temporary race structures, in turn, would be small, again keeping the net change the same.

I think some of this has been suggested? For instance, with the Magic Academy and that it should become smaller upon upgrades, especially since it requires diamonds. The current thought seems to be, upgrades mean BIGGER; and adding more grid space to counter that, which is "kinda" obvious and ... not really thinking outside the box is it? On the other hand, I did notice that the dwarf structures where very small, and the next race with the fairies the buildings where much larger, I thought that was a great twist, yet unfortunately the main buildings just keep getting larger!

Also, has the idea of going upward with the structures been suggested yet [perhaps not technically feasible programming wise, but I wouldn't know]?

Here's another suggestion: How about establishing some type of interrelationship with players that have multiple cities in the different worlds? I know many players that get bored in their first city because, either the progress on the tech tree is too slow, or they've completed it, and they start up another city. Why not have "multi-world" players become a part of the strategy in the game play?


Why not have "multi-world" players become a part of the strategy in the game play?
The answer is disappointingly dull and simple. The ability to transfer items between accounts or between worlds invites pushing.
  • Folks would use multiple worlds to feed their main city
  • Folks would use their main city to feed their cities in new worlds
  • New players would never be able to catch up, not even in a brand new world


Active Member
I like the idea of reducing the Magica Academy if you upgrade it via diamonds. The thing is huge now