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Make optional research not require guest race goods


Well-Known Member
These are the live forums, not beta, and suggestions that do not apply to live components will not be entertained for forwarding.
Two things:

This suggestion would have an effect on that change, but is not dependent on it. A clear reading of it divorces it from those changes. Players might have other reasons for deciding to do optional Squad Tech research, and some of them are prohibitively costly. (see above)

This suggestion will not reach the end of it's discussion and voting for a minimum of two weeks. If the changes don't seem to be coming to live, the user doesn't have to request a poll, and even during a poll, the requester can withdraw it if it seems unnecessary. The discussion is valuable for understanding where we stand if the changes do come to live, to get the quickest response.


Well-Known Member
This is more appropriately a discussion for the Beta thread especially since it contains spoilers that have yet to be announced on live. I'm frankly surprised the thread wasn't moved there or completely deleted for that reason alone.
But we all got a live, in-game announcement that changes were coming. At least, we did in my fellowship. Seems to me that as soon as they alert us in-game it becomes, well, fair game for discussion here. Many (most) live players don't and won't have beta accounts to provide feedback, so this may be their only outlet.


Well-Known Member
@samidodamage while I do understand your point of view I respectfully disagree as there was an in game announcement already in live world about this that linked to the video about it. Even if it is just in testing I kinda feel that by doing that announcement alone opens the door for discussions about it on the Live forums. If the announcement was strictly made just in Beta then I would fully agree that this is not the time or place to talk about it.


Senior Forum Moderator
Elvenar Team
I'm frankly surprised the thread wasn't moved there or completely deleted for that reason alone.
I am surprised as well, I suppose I was in a mix mood and my moderator hat was ambiguous.

Thank you for keeping me in check :)
@ajqtrz Your suggestion has been heard, unfortunately, I will moderate this section as I see fit.

With that said, moving this thing to archive.