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Trader Mana


New Member
I was wondering if it wouldn`t be possible to set up an extra tab in the trader to trade with mana for orcks and other goods in discovered resources as a separate option for those who hit the certain level of the game what do you think ( I do realise the the mana is decreasing - that could change into something that doesn`t for instance)


I don't run out of mana, but I do run out of seeds and orcs. I would wish for a menu list in the crafting section. I appreciate that newer players want to upgrade their phoenixes, but I pretty much have my pets at level 10. I'm in trouble when the first slot on the right has level-ups instead of relics or Pet food. We have all these new pets and a stranglehold on pet food. Limit how many we can make in a week if necessary.


Well-Known Member
Or a screen in the Wholesaler that let's you trade currently untradable goods for other untradable goods.As an avid Bee lover....this would be great!


Well-Known Member
hmm. i think we need to keep in mind that each resource (orcs, mana, seeds, etc) takes a special building to produce, which of course takes up an amount of space. part of the challenge of the game is to find the best utilization of your space. so if you have not enough orcs, the devs offer up orc nests in the MA or event buildings that provide them, and armories to breed them. mana and seeds have their own buildings so if you have an excess, the expectation is that you adjust your city to produce less of one and have space for the other.

by providing a trade/exchange space, you're defeating a lot of the point of the game in making you manage your resources. and you would potentially provide an area of exploitation for a person who maybe deliberately cultivates a lot of a single resource, knowing they can swap for the rest far more easily than actually producing it themselves.