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Manufactoring Challenge


Well-Known Member
I agree that 28-30 is pretty much the minimum practical.

This was my math. First of all, Inno, next time drop one zero off of all the numbers for the sake of simplicity. If everything ends in a zero, just divide by 10 and simplify the math!

So you need 5400/10 or 540 points. Each 3-hour manufacture is worth 10/1 = 1 point. So you need to do 540 3-hour runs in 72 hours.

There are 72/3 = 24 possible time slots for 3-hour runs. So you have to complete 540 of them in 24 possible slots. 540/24 = 22.5 (rounded up to 23, since you can't have half a manufactory -- and no, human marble and elven marble and planks don't count as half, although they should!). In theory if you had a production already finished there would be 25 3-hour slots, but it's more likely that people missed the start than had overhang.

Of course if you use spells you could reduce this number a little bit, but given that you also probably will miss the timing of pickups and might want to sleep, I don't think it's probable that anyone could accomplish this challenge with less than 25 factories running pretty much the whole time. I thought about trying to do it with 27, but decided on 30 to be safe, and then ended up being able to pop in a couple extra.


I've only been here for a day and the challenge for me was figuring out how to actually produce goods. I won't win anything at all, but learned lots of good info from this thread.


Well, looks like I hyperbolically overestimated (but I do love being melodramatic) the result of my experiment, but I will have to use up about two hundred spells to reach the top prize. While not as terribly demanding as I thought at first glance, I still believe the balance of difficulty is significantly out of whack, and attempting to make the challenges harder by simply increasing an easy to get around requirement (for advanced players), is definitely the wrong direction to take. I'm not sure many of the top players want a true challenge, though, and while the loyalty of playing a game for a long time shouldn't be punished, I think there should be tricky obstacles for all players to strive to overcome.


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I've been done for hours. I've dumped a bunch of my plank manufactories and rebuilt my steel mills.

I have enough tier 1 goods for chapter 3 and 4 I think.


catering the tournaments is a good way to blow 10's of thousands of goods for some KP every week. relying on troops doesn't really work until you have them at 3*


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Looks like sentient goods are counted as the 1 day/ 2 day, even though the amount shown hovering over the manufactory when collecting only corresponds to 3 hour/9 hour.
Darn! Wish I had checked this thread before the event ended. I could have been making 3 more factories-worth of sentient just to get those medals. Wah-wah.


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???? How is this taking advantage of the system . . . there are quests, you leverage the space you have to complete the quests. Seems pretty linear to me.
I think it's entirely perception. Those who feel events have some sort of intrinsic value to the developers vision of how the game should be played will not feel the same about a city with 30 level one manufactories in it as someone who sees them as a way for the developers to keep us occupied so we give them more money and don't leave to play something else.

I don't understand the former, but I acknowledge they exist.