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Complete May Diamond giveaway


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Final boss should be the CRUSHER. This UK Victorian-era slang term for a police officer, from the slang term "beetle crushers" in reference to that era's heavy boots


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I was going to wait, but heck, this is too fun so I decided to write a story this morning (and yes, it's my contest entry with the three names in it, written in bold. :) It was HARD to find names that haven't been used before, lol, but I think I've got it. )

The Story of the Origins of the Spire:

King Snow asked the Yetis of the Frozen Mountains to bring ice blocks from the Elvarian Glaciers down to the city of Mistara, in the forests of Elvenar, which were experiencing a severe drought. The Yetis were happy to oblige their lord. They had built a powerful robot, Froskol, to do all the heavy lifting for them. Froskol was ordered to carry the ice blocks down and load them on a barge, and see that the ice got to Mistara.

The barge floated down the Elvarian Sea to the shores of the beautiful Misty Forest, where the Frog Prince, Crotar, lived alone. He had been cast out of the royal family when he refused to attend a ball given by his uncle, King Frog. Although most of his race loved balls and gatherings, he just wasn't a party animal. He preferred solitude with only a few friends, and so he was sent to the edge of the forest to live out his days.

Crotar directed the barge to navigate the Everwilde River to the beautiful city of Mistara. Crotar had never seen a giant robot before, and he was curious about Froskol's origins.

"I was built by the Yetis for hard work; I have never spent a day in leisure," Froskol confided.

Crotar, shocked by the revelation that someone could live without the joys of leisure, said, "I will ask my friend, a wise elder treant who is also a powerful magician, if there is anything we can do to help you."

During their time on the river, Crotar and Froskol became fast friends. When they reached the city and unloaded the massive ice block into a dry lake, the sorceress, Tandriel, cast a spell on the ice block and it suddenly melted, to fill the entire reservoir. The people rejoiced!

Froskol, however, was not happy. He must soon return to the Yetis for more work. Crotar told him, "Wait; go hide in the cave on the northern edge of the city. Virdas, the powerful treant magician, will come. Together, we will see what the three of us can do."

When Virdas saw the giant robot, he took pity on poor Froskol, and knew that he just wanted to be alone in peace, where he wouldn't have to do any more backbreaking work. Virdas had often wished for such peace, and so had Crotar, actually. They decided that they would build a powerful fortress and join forces. Virdas would occupy the first floor, and use his magic to ward off any who would wish to force Froskol back into slavery. He also conjured spirits from the realm beyond to guard multiple doors throughout the fortress/spire.

Crotor said that he would like to live in the middle of this fortress, where he could add a second layer of protection against those who would force Froskol back, and go up and down to visit his friends. And Froskol would live at the top, far removed from the cares of the world he left behind.

And that is how the spire was created and how the three friends came to live in it. Many challengers still come to try to get Froskol to work for them, but they are defeated by the three levels of defense. Even when challengers defeat the spire, it is only an illusion. If a challenger is too powerful and fights too well, then Virdas uses his magic to render the three invisible, and leaves gifts behind to appease the intruder. The challenger thinks they won and leaves, but the three friends, Virdas the treant, Crotar the frog prince, and Froskol the giant robot, remain safe in their spire, to this day.

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As promised and against my better judgment

entirely unofficial
naming contest

starts today

:diamond: The 3 favorite entries will win 1000, 800, or 600 Diamonds! :diamond:

Entries must be submitted by Friday, May 13th, at Midnight Eastern Time
Round 1 of Community voting will run from May 14th-18th to narrow down the entries to 3. Round 2 of Community Voting will run from May 19-22 for the Grand Prize winner.
Winners will be announced May 23th

Please use the
discussion thread for any non-entry-related chat.

Forum Competition Rules:

1. Only one entry per Forum account.
2. All Forum rules regarding inappropriate material and language must be followed.
3. The Elvenar Team members (US) are not permitted to enter.
4. Don't forget to return to this thread May 14th to vote for your favorite entries.
Amphibious Assaulter
Major Headache
General Mayhem
Boss 1: Ornêkhothô (pronounced or-neh-KOH-toh; my reconstruction of Old Sindarin for 'Tree-gatherer', a play on Treebeard's words in The Two Towers [p.84], "We are tree-herds, we old Ents.")
Boss 2: Faulfrosch (a translation of 'lazy frog' into German, a nod to Innogames' heritage, as well as to the name for the military units in the game, 'Fainéant Frogs')
Boss 3: Ziyuf (pronounced zeeYOOF; transliteration of זִיוּף, a Hebrew word for 'forgery' or 'counterfeit', drawn from the myth of a rabbi using sorcery to create golems out of clay, mimicking God's creation of man)


Boss 1: Xandar (zan dahr) - guardian of the spire galaxy.
Boss 2: Prince MissileToad - protector of the 2nd realm.
Boss 3: Optimist Factorable - transformer of troops to diamonds