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Confirmed Maze of the Dark Matter HOVER screen has wrong Mana Decay Graphic


New Member
When you HOVER (pc version obviously) over the page that shows the 6 AWs with the Maze of the Dark Matter, the Mana Decay Graphic has an ARROW pointing UP referencing the Mana Decay Rate. Clicking the Info or List shows the Correct DOWN Arrow version for REDUCING the Rate of Decay.

I was hovering over AWs looking for what to build next and I kept skipping that AW since I did not want an INCRAESE in Mana Decay as shown by the incorrect graphic.



New Member

This shows incorrect graphic on HOVER screen (The UP Arrow version). Uncommon to get used or noticed. Selecting the AW gives the correct graphic on the overview page. The DOWN Arrow graphic appears in other areas too, confirming it is the correct graphic.