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Mighty Wolves - gold star spire fellowship seeks 2 fellows


Day and Night Trader
We seek only the most active players. Must complete 2 floors of the Spire every week and 1,500 in the spire. Lots of active trade threads, but beyond that, how you trade and manage your city is up to you. Despite just ranking just #35 we have a top 15 rank in achieving gold spire. Why, because we accept smaller players and help them achieve rather than having a high minimum score to join. If you have the time, talent and want to grow, there is no better fellowship than the Mighty Wolves.

We also realize RL happens, we make allowances when needed. A good candidate usually takes a few weeks to find. If you have a rough patch at work or a vacation for a week or two, we understand and make allowances. If you need a longer stretch off, we have players that leave for a while and are welcomed back. Performance matters, but Elvenar is only a game.

The best way to apply is to send a message in Elvenar to MichaelMichael
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Day and Night Trader
Mission Statement

Grow as a group by superior performance in the spire and tourney. Help each other to achieve that ends. Outside of that let players play and remember this is a game - RL comes first.


Day and Night Trader
Trade Policy

Anything goes, which includes giving lower ranked players free goods. They post 0 star trades that are regularly accepted. Most trades upto a few hundred thousand goods close immediately as two stars.


New Member
Hello, I am looking for a new FA. I am a daily player and take part in all events. If you are still looking for active players please message me.