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Mike and Mack Economics 101


Well-Known Member
I can't seem to "like" posts all of a sudden, wierd ......

AJ, are there parts of prosperity bay, such as ports of call, that are off limit to some shipgoers ??
Is the "ship" metaphor, more a shipping line company with many boats, or do you mean just 1 boat ???

While it may be available to all passengers, fresh water to drink, its very possible... that without
buying a plastic cup you are not allowed to just drink straight from the barrel of water..... and
its only 1 cup of water per cup, not unlimited water per cup.....

How do you rationalize things like passangers that have made the trip 20 times, a cup of water
is 1$ and the passanger on his 1st trip pays 5$ for the same cup ??

"Prosperity Bay" is where everyone on the ship is prosperous. It's a mythical place probably never really reached but the captain wants to get there because he is assured his job is secure as long as the passengers and crew think they are making progress.

It's a single ship per economy (since there is no trading between "land" and other ships it's a closed economy(.

Water could be required, but in a "free" game I would think things you can't live without would be "free." Water seems pretty necessary. Imaging the game if Mack required you to purchase your Main Hall? The ship would be empty.

Nobody ever really leaves the ship unless they jump overboard. The trip is continuous and ongoing with no end in sight exactly because, "Prosperity Bay" is just a myth, though a hopeful one.