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missed the competition :)


hey guys long time no see unless i see you in game then what it do homie lol so i missed the competition no biggie because winning isn't really important to me...wow some of your letters were hilarious...gr8 way to kill time this a.m. so i am returning the favor but you don't have to read it and please humans don't take it personal its supposed to be humorous because in the real world i am actually human (or am i??? lol) still thought it was friendlier to participate and might get me a friend to message in game with??? so anywho my ltr to the Governor and it isn't my fault the postal service in my area sucks lol hope you enjoy the read and it makes you laugh...until then my gaming friends hmu in game or i might miss you.

Greetings Governor Vesta,

As a faithful servant of your city Flames and Ash I write to you as a concerned citizen. News of peaceful negotiations with our human brethren has touched upon these pointed ears of mine. Whilst many are excited about these neighborly gestures, I find our safety as a species to be in peril. Has the council discussed the event of inter-species relationships? Indications could lead to disfigured children (are you aware humans grow hair on parts other than their head), family discord and even cultural losses in traditions we celebrate. Should the mother be of elven descent and the father of human descent whose beliefs would be held and honored? Would secrets such as how to grow and train a Treant be shared? Would this not give humans the power over some of our greatest military assets? Would our secrets on healing potions be shared? Perhaps we can cure this “common cold” ailment they seem to suffer from, but could they not use the information to reverse engineer a new substance that could pose us harm instead of good? Would children of inter-species relationships also be denied learning these secrets? The intention to open the door to invite peaceful, harmonic relations with the humans is admirable; however, I see this may open the door to future troubles for our people. I urge the council to seek a Non-Aggression Pact with the humans that include only trading and a cease fire, but not a full Alliance. I would hope the council would find neutral territory away from the city to conduct any business with the humans. Without fully understanding the impact socially and culturally, I wanted to express the trepidation I have regarding the future plans for our people and theirs.

Forever in your service,

Alima Edana