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Missing House and Armies


ok I sent a message to support a couple of days ago and have heard nothing... I logged on and found a house that I had just upgraded to level 4 just gone... nada... I have no idea what happened to it... I need it back please!! also you said that the barracks were fixed but have noticed since the announcement went out that everything was fine that I could only train 2 united at one time but that the game would take hammers for all 3 of my units... this has been going on like I said since the all clear that everything was fixed!!! that's a lot of hammers!! for a newbie I need those back to advance my research or to provinces... I have purchased diamonds and am not buying anymore until these things are fixed... things just keep disappearing.. or I can help friends cities because their cities are gone so wasted time and missed coins.. just very frustrating... this is suppose to be fun not frustrating... please return my level 4 house and armies! and is there a reason I have not heard from anyone in support?
Thank You


still not heard anything from support :'( help please