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Misty Mountain Misfits has an opening

The Misfits is an active, FUN and drama-free 10 chest and Gold Spire fellowship. If you are looking to grow and improve your game, you'll find lots of help, friendly people and frequent moments of sillyness.

We are RECRUITING players active in the Spire and Tournaments. It you can get to the top of the Spire and at least 100K points, let's talk! If you are struggling in the Spire, but want to be part of a special FS, we give private lessons.

We have very active Trading, several active KP swaps for AWs and we make the top 100 in FAs if you're in to them.

For tips, hints and game info checkout https://mistymountainmisfits.blogspot.com

Contact FearlessDingleberry on Arendyll US 1 to apply


New Member
This is a great fellowship! Lots of support with goods and advice if needed. Some chat, but not excessive, and not a requirement. We work well together on FAs but don't take them too seriously - just seriously enough! Attentive archmage and mages. Read the Misty Mountain Misfits overview page to see if you think we'd be a good match. We do take our requirements seriously but want to help if someone is having trouble with Spire. If this sounds good to you, please contact FearlessDingleberry, the archmage. Join us and move your city forward with spire and tournament chest wins!