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Mobile app needed feature


New Member
I would like to have a are you sure you want to...sell, cancel prompt. I have killed enchantments on accident in MA by tip of finger on top of phone touching the dash when I was trying to tell a 1 from a 2 the text is so small in the requires popup and the teeny tiny numbers that are an outlined number are especially bad to see what they are. The side quest menu items are so small also and cant zoom screen on any popup windows. So a fail/safe would be nice for mobile users for accidental touches. And maybe give us a way to invest in AWs


Well-Known Member
Could you clarify exactly what you experienced? Other than roads, I get a confirmation request on every building I sell on mobile.

I go into move mode, click the building I want to sell, click the sell "$" icon, and then have to click the "sell" button to confirm. What are you experiencing?


Well-Known Member
She mentioned "killed enchantments in the MA" so I read this as more about cancelled productions than selling buildings. I've had similar problems since factories started auto-opening a few months back. I've accidentally canceled more than a couple productions.


Active Member
I've accidentally cancelled a lot of productions as well. Not sure if there's a good way to get around this that doesn't cause further problems. There could be a situation where you want to cancel productions, and having to do an extra tap would be annoying.


New Member
I would rather have an extra tap than lose 19 hr combining catalyst after 12 hrs. Its happened twice to me so far. In the winter events, i was lucky enough i got an enchantments in neighborly visit. As it was i still lost out on trying to get daily exclusives due to multiple days of having to produce 1.2k goods not supplies with tech research in between and upgrades to buildings or vision vapors each of these were one after another.