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mobile blueprint count when crafting RR instants


Oh Wise One
In the mobile version of Elvenar if you have a spell to convert Blueprints to RRs, you can see how many Blueprints you have in the crafting window of your Magic Academy. Look for a blue circle with three dots to the right of your count of available combining catalysts. Clicking that brings up a list of other potential components, including Broken Shards and Blueprints.
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This needs to come to the PC version as well. Off to download the mobile version - just so I can see my blueprint count.


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@Ashrem - I have never been able to see how many blueprints I have in the browser version. I just had a RR spell come up in my MA so will have to look again to see if I can figure out how to see that information.


@ Ashrem - See my post entitled "Blueprints"
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