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Mobile emulator


Active Member
I play on an iPad and need an emulator to be able to use Elven Architect. I can not get the new version of Puffin, that is able to be downloaded, to work. Any other suggestions would be very welcomed

The Fairy

Well-Known Member
I am using Android/Chrome and there I can choose to view "desktop site" in the menu in Chrome. Maybe there is something similar on iPad?
When I do this on my phone then elvenarchitects works better, but I only use it for viewing on my phone. When I want to edit I always do it on my computer.

Soleil Nightbloom

Well-Known Member
I play on an iPad and need an emulator to be able to use Elven Architect.
I use google chrome with a windows 10 laptop and can access elven architect. For some reason it works great on my laptop not so much with my iPad and phone. You might want to make sure your system is updated and/or your chrome is updated. I had to do that a few times and it was fine after that.


Well-Known Member
even FireFox mobile, has "view as desktop" as an option...

never thought I'd say this, wish it was as easy as it was
in the netscape/ie wars....

a mobile device is nothing more than a touchscreen UI. A good
semi-new phone is better than the best pentium was, why are we
still having playform issues ???? phones aren't so smart, are they ??