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Fixed Mobile only: Inventory info for most expiring buildings has no expiration info


Active Member

<Bug requested by helya in forum thread "Eliminate the "Surprise! This building will self-destruct in 10 days" for mobile">

Game version: 1.154.2-ce5f0c8 (us 1.155) but has been present for many versions
Browser + version: n/a
Operating System: iOS, Android
Screen resolution: n/a
Account name: Kadhrin (also found by OIM20 on Elcysandir/Harandar/Sinya Arda)
Humans or Elves: Elves

Reproducibility: 5/5 (happens always)

Quest title: n/a

Current situation:
In the mobile game, the Spells/Buildings pages usually have NO indication that a building is an expiring building.
A building may have a non-obvious indicator, like the phrase "while blooming" in the description. However:
* that does not include any details of the building's duration
* the phrase can be interpreted to mean "when the object is placed", not just "before the object expires".

A player may see an impressive building effect for an expiring building and clear space in their city, potentially teleporting or even selling permanent buildings in favor of the expiring building. If the player does not already know that a building may expire, they will be unpleasantly surprised when they place it in their city and suddenly have a countdown starting. Further, the expiring building cannot be teleported once the expiration clock starts.

Expected situation:
Building expiration information should be included in at least one of several ways:
* as an additional line on the scroll (q.v. Set Bonus)
* as a small icon graphic and text block in the lower left of the graphic section of the details page
* as a small text block in the lower left of the graphic section of the tile on the overview page
* included in the descriptive text (q.v. 5-day combat buildings)

Reproduction Steps
Check browser version of game to see building expiration info.
2. Check the mobile version of the game to see the lack of building expiration info.

Screenshots of the bug:

Buildings with no expiration info at all:

Carting Library:

Ferris Wheel Galore:


Ludibria Ventis:

Items with ambiguous phrases prone to misinterpretation:

Blue Amaryllis:

Blue Begonia:

Red Amaryllis:

Red Begonia:

Also Yellow Amaryllis and any of the other 1x1 flower fields (also note the variance between "Field" and "Fields" in the names)>

Goddess of Wishes:

Savory Bites: