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Moonstone Library Set Layout


New Member
I'm a relatively new member of the forum and I've just found out about the actual benefits of the Moonstone Library Set pieces and how rare they now are for some players. For years I've been ignoring anything in my inventory that doesn't strictly deal with population or culture. Recently after beginning to need mana and seeds, I realized the error in my ways. I have a total of 4 endless scrolls, 14 gum trees, 9 mana plants, 4 moonstone gates and 3 moonstone libraries, that I do not understand how to use for maximum efficiency. Any help understanding and coming up with a layout would be greatly appreciated.


New Member
People helping will give you a better layout if they know the answer to the following question:
Do you need spell fragments or CCs? If the answer is no then the library can be left in storage.
I feel like I'm always in need of spell fragments these days. I usually craft my own cc but I wouldn't say no to more.


Tetris Master
@AvaTheFirst The buildings will tell you how to put them together for maximum bonus, one of each is required. Usually I see the 1*4, below that 4*4, and then 1*1, 2*2, 1*1, making a 4*6 rectangle. As it is a set, you only need to connect one of the buildings to a road with a single road, so they are good to place along edges, or hide behind other buildings. And as you have more buildings, you can expand on that shape to extend it in any direction as you have space, still only connecting with one road tile.

Edited to update per @Enevhar Aldarion 's post.
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Sorry, the picture is not great. The endless scroll needs to touch three other buildings (the ”book answer” is that it touches the library, the mana plant and the gum tree). The mana plant and gum tree each need to touch two (library and endless scroll). The gate has to touch one (library) and the library has to touch five. You don’t have to set them up as a set, though.

I have mine set up with numerous endless scrolls, gum trees and mana plants in between a couple of libraries, and some gates spread around as well.

I would play around on ElvenArchitect with the exact numbers you have and see what works best with the space you have available.

Also, make sure you don’t upgrade the gum trees too far if your goal is seeds. They switch to sentient goods after chapter 11.

Enevhar Aldarion

Oh Wise One
The buildings will tell you how to put them together for maximum bonus, one of each is required. Usually I see the 4*4, below 1*1, 2*2, 1*1, then below that 1*4, making a 4*6 rectangle.

Just so newer players, who can only get one of each piece, are aware, the library has to go in the middle to get all the link bonuses, with the gate on one side and the tree, plant and scrolls on the other side, not at the end, like you seem to be describing.