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moonstone library set


Scroll-Keeper, Keys to the Gems
SoggyShorts uploaded a pic of how he placed 4 by using 1 Endless Scrolls when he finally snagged it. I forget the name of the thread. But here there is a pic and an ElvenArchitect layout, from Zoof. It's the fourth post.


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I have 11 sets out and yes they proved mighty helpful in this last change as was the inventory of spell fragments and CCs it created. Most of the Libraries were updated to chapter 21 with a few still on chapter 20. All the Mana Plants were updated to chapter 21 as well as some of the Gum Trees. Using those those to fulfill "updating a building quest" were "go to" items.. Unfortunately, the new requirements for RR (in shard AW upgrades) means that upgrades using RR are a luxury no one can afford any more.

There are thousands of ways to put moonstone sets together. My map from elvenarchitect.com is above. You can generate it yourself from Elvenstats.com if you want - I am the only MichaelMicheal in Elvenar. The key requirement you can't see above is alternating your 1x1. The first tough part is making sure to have both a 1x2 and 1x4 next to your libraries. The next is that the 1x2 needs 3 different types adjacent so it is the hardest to place after the 4x4 library. My pattern was actually designed to best produce Mana from the Mana Plants (4,125 Mana per day for chapter 21 in a 1x1) so I have more of those than Gum Trees. I delete nothing ever as there are no replacements and teleporting small buildings is a waste of a teleport. I have one more library in inventory - one day it will come out and join the other 11 but I was just in chapter 5 when I collected it. It is not very efficient building. My map has two connections to road, It only needs one but for other reasons created 2.

This part of my city is the most amorphous grouping ever found in Elvenar and it uses very few roads. I find that flexibility tremendously useful when redesigning my city. Unfortunately Inno doesn't give out Moonstone sets in the Spire any more. But those that climbed the Spire early and often have a huge advantage after this last update.
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Takes up 10x9
(4) MS Lib 4x4
(1) MS Gate 1x4
(6) Endless Scroll 2x1
(5) Mana Plant 1x1
(5) Gum Tree 1x1

not 4 exact sets, but close enough.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, and Buddy Fan Club Member
I'm still kicking myself for selling some extra moonstone libraries and peripheral pieces. I thought 4 was plenty and that I could always get more. Lesson learned.


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The suggested map is a little off - the central Endless Scrolls
@ the center is the 1x4 Ms Gate , then an ES then
the tree or plant. ( horizontally )
All (4) 4x4's touch the MS Gate and
(vertically) it goes ES, MP GT, GT MP, ES, Gate,

I have 1/2 this setup in my Khelonaar city, and
I know I get all my bonuses, so will the example.