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Mostly mobile player looking for Fellowship


Well-Known Member
Hello, my old Fellowship's rules changed, apparently retroactively... and I was removed, so I am now looking for a new Fellowship on Sinya Arda.

I am mostly a mobile player (the updated trade interface on desktop is enough of a pain in the neck to make me hate the desktop version), but if there are rules about checking in on desktop to read Fellowship messages, I will find time to check in however many times are required. As long as I'm not working, I will also go to my desktop and log in to check messages if someone posts in Fellowship chat that there's a message to be read. I try to check my city once in the morning before work, and twice in the evening after work, on work days, and as often as I can on weekends, and I do read fellowship chat messages when I check my city.

I would prefer to try to get between 600 and 900 points in tournaments when the Fellowship is not trying to push for a higher chest than it usually gets, though if it's half an hour before the Tournament ends and I'm at less than the goal and no one else is online and we're nowhere near getting the next chest, I admit, I will probably not do my provinces that morning because it's not going to change whether we get a chest or not. Seeing the Tournament end with the Fellowship halfway to another chest bugs me. It makes my brain go "nooooo we could be using those resources to prepare for next week!". If you want me to get more than 900 points a week, give me a goal in terms of number of provinces to get, and I will set out to get it, 900 is just the number I now feel confident saying "even if I have a disaster happen in my life that makes me miss a day of tournament progress I should be able to get 900 points.". Because I did have a disaster this week (got Gems tournament mixed up with Silk tournament, trained tons of treants over the weekend, ended up not needing them at all so yay starting the tournament on Tuesday with no troops and having to scramble to train mages) and still managed to get 900 points.

I should be able to visit Fellowship cities at least five times a week, possibly four some weeks depending on schedule and possibly six. On work days, I do my fellowship visits before work, and on weekends, I tend to wake up later than when I'm working, so Mondays and work days that I end up going to work later in the day interfere with my ability to visit every day.

If you want me to participate in a KP thread, again, tell me how frequently you want me to participate, and I will log in on desktop to participate as needed. If you tell me "members need to participate in at least one KP thread once a week", I will take you at your word, and donate KP to one KP thread each week (not because I don't want to donate, just because again, the desktop interface feels really clunky compared to the mobile interface, but mobile doesn't have private messages, all it has is the fellowship chat thing), so please do not tell me you want me to donate once a week if you really mean you want me to donate to several wonders, several times a week, because I am not a mind reader and I cannot do that if you don't tell me that is what you want me to do.

I don't like participating in Fellowship Adventures though. I really don't like having to change around what my city is doing and either find room for more workshops to make productions I don't normally do, or just make productions I usually do instead of my usual supply productions, especially since the times I can check my city on days when I'm working are so rigid and unchangeable, and the prizes never seem worth the effort of trying to manage getting the proper badges while not running out of supplies since the Fellowship needed the badges from making Beverages so instead of Basket of Groceries I had to make Beverages while I was at work and got almost no supplies from it, so yay one badge and I'm out of supplies? Not to mention the frustrating Adventure when I actually tried to help out getting badges, and ended up never having the right badges for the waypoints that were available to unlock at the time I was online and able to help out. The next one, yes, the current one, no.


Wow, I believe that is the most precise "application" I've ever seen!

Could you not make whatever badges you could with whatever you normally set your workshops to? I think that would be enough participation for us.

If you haven't found a fellowship and would like to join one that is growing, please check us out! We have a core group of players that come on (most) every day - some every day. I am very proud of the way they have taken this current Fellowship Adventure by the horns, so to speak, and tackled it full force! I am really amazed at our progress!

Our tournaments have been getting better - we generally will win 3, sometimes 4 chests. I know it's not much, but a lot of our cities are still pretty young and so I think it's pretty good for such a young fellowship! I know I strive to be a better player because that's the type of people we have.

Well, check us out if you haven't already found one you like! We're The Winchesters and I am the Arch Mage. If you feel this might be for you, please send me a message either here or in the game and we would be happy to have you join!

~ Tru
The Winchesters


New Member
If you're open to getting 1000 tournament points a week at a minimum, Power of Tens has an opening for you. Honestly, it's about 5 rounds of 4 provinces to get that. It isn't hard.
WoW! the most precise "application" indeed :p if you have found what you want yet check out our Overview and if interested please message me or apply in game. Happy gaming! :)


New Member
Wow love how straight forward you are! We are a new fellowship called the
Omorfi Nymphs right now we are also mostly using the mobile app to play. If you want to join us feel free to drop in. We only ask that you do what you can when you can.


New Member
If you're looking for a casual fellowship check out the Sacred Sage Followers in Sinya Arda & see if it's for you