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Moved to Winy where I started.


New Member
Looking for a helpful fellowship.

1st to trade up building to 500 each Tier 1
2nd to trade even until I'm about to need tier 2 and trade up 'til I have a couple hundred each tier 2. Then back to even trading again.
3rd same as above tier 3 and back to ever even..
I plan to boost other players.

I'm looking to move into a balanced fellowship. By that, I mean, The arch mage desires 8 of every good.

Here are the only combinations:
Steel Crystal Elixir
Steel Scroll Dust
Steel Scroll Elixir

Marble Silk Gem
Marble Crystal Elixir
Marble Crystal Gem

Plank Silk Dust
Plank silk Gem
Plank Scroll Dust


Well-Known Member
First off welcome to the forums

No offense but even if an FS was made up of the statistical average of 24 players covering all 9 Items in equal amounts, you would still not be balanced as you are not also going to get 24 players that produce the same amounts across the board.

So good luck in your search


We are looking for new members we are small but growing, We are friendly & helpful. we play in toruney, spire & FA, which we are doing fine, especially for us only being about 2 mo. old & 12 players. So look us up & see what you think. As always Best Wishes, Good Luck & Have fun.

Lyinaral / Arch Mage / Natures Mtn


What, since when are Standard goods trades more important than Chapter 19 Kerflufflewumps?

I find a couple million Sentient trades needed for some tech or builds, and low 6 figures weekly to rebalance, but that most weeks standard goods trades are optional for many players. With combined FS inventories in the hundred millions range, and good trade relationships with neighbors and not just FS reliant, covering small trades under a couple thousand may just be done to help newbies grow faster regardless of Boosts. A BTG Wonder and other non-factory goods sources, or the Library induced Scrolls glut, have made strategies reliant on Boosts alone really unrealistic. Sometimes I'll help out neighbors on trades I don't need, because their city health and growth helps the community function too, just behind FS members who come first.

Perspective is a bit different being over 5 chapters past where the game ended when my city was new, versus 5 chapters from the start with a lot still not visible. A map much larger than Chapter entry requirements also helps with balances that work well, that may differ a LOT from superficial city mixes based on archaic ES concepts from years ago. (I'm almost past the last limit size increase to 550 Provinces.)

Whether someone plays seriously and grows a city matters way more than any nominal Boost goods mix. Those mixes are temporary and change, whereas a strong FS can promise trades will be taken for serious contributors without knowing specific Boosts.


New Member
Hi Ganavella, we are seeking for players and we have two players that have one of the combo you search ( Plank Silk Dust), if u are interested you can find us in Erdduin.
Apply directly for membership if this sounds like the fellowship for you.
We are here to have fun!
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