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Movie: Maggie (2015)



When I saw Maggie with Arnold I was like: "Hell yeah, lets watch this zombie movie and see what's cooking.", thinking that it is going to be a blast. To say that I was wrong, is not to say anything at all.

If you are in a good mood, but by nature you suffer from Manic Depression and you want to get back to being miserable and depressed, then this movie right up your alley. The presence of Arnold is not required, in fact, my or your grandmother could've played the lead role of this flick. We are presented a father, whose is watching his daughter slowly turning into a zombie. Instead of action packed movie, like we are used to, we are experiencing his emotional drama and internal suffering. It is so bloody boring, that I started cleaning my living room, while watching/listening to this masterpiece. Music is depressing, movie is depressing, heck, I am depressed as well.

I hope Arnold will redeem himself ASAP, because he is going down the JCVD road, from which there is no return. If this continues, then Arnold should stop being in the movies at all and let his name be remembered by his classics, not this new abomination.

If you are going to see it in the movie theater, I suggest to load up on Prozac or alcohol and some good company of funny friends. I give this movie 3 out of 10. I gave 3 just because Arnold, gotta pay respect to the legend.

your 13 yo gangstah.