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Moving buildings around without having to delete any


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Option 1: Use a teleport spell on your biggest building to get space (found in Spire).
Option 2: Wait (or clear provinces) to open a new expansion to have space.
Option 3: Delete road
Option 4: Find your oldest worst culture building and say goodbye to it
Option 5: Wait for Inno to build a new way for rearranging, and good luck.



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You didn't mention what chapter you're at. If you can do/have done the Spire, you'll have the teleport spell in your inventory under the 'spells' tab which allows you to move your buildings to your inventory to make room in your city and after you're done with organizing you can summon it/them back.

Another option is to get rid of old culture buildings (a few chapters old) to gain some space to move around your buildings, and then build, i.e summon new culture buildings afterwards.
Ideally you would want to always leave at least one city expantion vacant for this situations.


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I cant just move a building in anothers space with out having to delete it. How can i do it to rearrange things.
Congratulations! You've stumbled upon one of the core principles of Elvenar: Learning how to deal with the puzzle that is your city like a sliding jigsaw. (I may have jumbled a few words there)

There's a lot of things you can do to rearrange things, even if the city's overall shape is suboptimal for doing so. I checked out what you had so far on ElvenStats, and while the site complained about not having your city's map, I got something out of it. Is this your city?


If so, that's a chapter 6 thing. Your boosts show up as planks/silk/magic dust, so the first thing you need to do ASAP is ditch the marble and scrolls manufactories, which will give you the space you need to shuffle things around into something that resembles order. If you absolutely have to be able to produce them because you can't get trades filled within 168h or something crazy like that, go Traveling Merchants I and II. You'll save on population, space, and culture.

Speaking of culture, ditch all the culture items that are lagging behind you by more than one chapter. Immediately. Don't worry about going culture-negative. It's fine. Nothing bad will happen. After you consolidate your city, build culture items that are the most current for your chapter as a holdover until your Magic Academy can produce culture items that are going to be far more powerful per unit square than most anything else you can make for free.

After that, optimally arranging things basically amounts to using roads such that there are as few corners/turns as possible. Placing expansions as such as there's as few corners in the city perimeter as possible. Placing the shortest end of the building adjacent to the road. Placing buildings of like dimensions adjacent to each other. That sort of thing

If that isn't your city, then... I should've known better than to trust a website while it's blaring a siren and holding up (almost literal) red flags. @Farinx 's advice is basically all that can be said since it actually answers your question, as opposed to reframing the question to provide help that will make your city better.


This is why I will always leave a few plots of land (at least 50 squares) unoccupied or filled with lv1 workshops and manufactories for FA. Even then I find myself sometimes running out of land because of the impulse to get everything upgraded at once.


@Farinx alluded to this, but let me amplify, a bit:
When entering a new chapter, some of the buildings have updates that cause them to enlarge or to swap length/width axes. We usually do our major city rearrangements upon entering a new chapter because we can sell off all of the older guest race buildings which are useless in the new chapter. This gives us space to move buildings around. There will be new guest race buildings to site. Read elvengems.com for suggestions about how to arrange the new buildings.


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Okay. Did a wee bit of rearranging of the city above. The problems on ElvenStats cleared up and yeah, that was the city. So here's what I did:

1. Sold off all the culture items. Except diamond purchases and the Earth Dragon (because I like dragons).
2. In the gaps, started shuffling all the residences leftward, throwing in some Dragon's Keeps into the gaps of the 9-15 residences so there's something there before the buildings get upgraded.
3. Got lazy and arranged things by like sizes. Fix ur manufactories.
4. Left settlement alone because lazies.
5. Added some Central Places while you work your magic with the Magic Academy.

Not exactly optimal, but still totally possible by deleting the cruft and shuffling things around. You have more than enough space, and you also probably have better culture items than the ones proposed, but I don't know how far you are in Dwarves.

EDIT: A later post points out that the Dwarven Portal isn't connected. I don't know how that happened; I could've sworn it was connected the whole time >.>
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Option 4: Find your oldest worst culture building and say goodbye to it
Weeding Your City is something that you need to do on a regular basis, but it's pretty hard to see exactly which buildings you have, let alone remembering exactly what they do. Fortunately, some nice tools are available from various fansites.

https://www.elvenstats.com/player/us4/849882463 is an excellent starting point, and while it has LOTS of cool information about your city, what we're interested in is a link, on the ME (player) page, which will carry your current city information over to https://www.elvenarchitect.com/city/planner/.
View City.png

You'll land on a page that displays your city, and gives you some really nice tools for doing what if's on your city. Now drag ALL the way over to the right edge of the screen, and look at the various reports.
Culture Summary.PNG

While it's not obvious, you can CLICK on the harp, and get a source report, and you can even click on a column header to sort the information.
Culture Per Square.PNG

This is an excellent starting point for weeding out your obsolete buildings, SO LONG as you factor in the secondary uses for many of the Cultural Buildings. https://en.wiki.elvenar.com/index.php?title=Dawn_of_the_Phoenix#Evolving_Building, for example, is the primary source for a Chapter III building that only yields 13.11 Culture Points per tile. BUT ....
Shamanic Healing.png

The building ALSO provides 78 population and 380 Steel per day, which is one of my NON-boosted goods, so the Culture is almost incidental.

So have at it, but be cautious.


  • Shamanic Healing.png
    Shamanic Healing.png
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Okay. Did a wee bit of rearranging of the city above.
There are a few minor issues in the above when you go to implement it @Moe471 , but easily fixed.
1. Portal is not connected to roads.
2. Leave the highest chapter roads, delete the lowest chapter roads, to preserve the most culture.
3. A few excess roads, for example 6 roads leading up to the Earth Dragon top of page.
4. The Dragons Keep buildings should be moved to upgrade the remaining residences, as they change shape towards chapter 17.

But absolutely the right approach and good advice from @Zoof. Start by deleting the lvl 1 roads to free up space, as these are free to rebuild if you need them. You want the longest buildings against the edges, to save roads, and therefore city space.


Tetris Master
@Moe471 here is my version.
All buildings are your existing ones.
Excess roads placed left of map, lowest versions first.
All buildings connected.
Rooms left to grow your residences, Silk Manufactories and to build more granite mines and copper foundries.

You should focus on producing only boosted goods, and thus teleport or remove the two Marble, the scrolls and the steel manufactories. If you remove the two marble ones, you have room to expand the planks mfgs.

Uses 93 roads, saves you 120 roads, or nearly five expansions worth.

Hope it helps. It is not possible to load the elven architect layout into your city, you have to do the changes in game. But it is well worth it!