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Must be Fixed !!


Well-Known Member
Yet again I get "hosed" in Spire, it must end.......

the mobile version shows current amounts, browser doesn't...... SO

I'm ask'd if I wanna spend 25 diamonds , I say yes because I have 100% chance of success
with 3 things left....... yet because I can't go check quantities, and once I spend the 25 diamonds
I am short on coins, and cannot just use a instant coin rain, and must throw away the damn
25 diamonds I just spent , on a lock, and back out to get more coins...

Either show somewhere on the screen current amounts of stuff, or allow us the chance
to just go use a coin rain but NOT back out of the negociation just to get more coins ( or tools
or whatever we could use an instant for )..... the current system is BS ! !!!!!!!!


Well-Known Member
I have to admit, this irritated me until I got into the habit of always checking the amounts while in the spire (browser version) before I start a negotiation. I hover my mouse over each item (and sometimes I have to move away and hover again, because the first time they gave me a wrong amount, which is annoying.) It has become second nature now to check all my amounts right before I get into the spire and then after each door boss. I always know if I'm running low on something, and if I am, I check the amount after each negotiation, so that I won't have that situation. (You can hover while in the spire to check each item you have; you don't need to back out in browser version. I'm assuming you mean immediately after paying the diamonds you can no longer check ... not sure about that. I haven't tried it.)

It certainly would be nice if they warned you before you spent the diamonds that you don't have enough inventory. But then, that wouldn't serve any purpose for them. Spending diamonds is their life's blood, and they figured you could have spent diamonds again, lol. However, I do feel your pain. It sucks when that happens.


Well-Known Member
Happened to me today. But it now happens very rarely as the very fact that it happens has made me more consistently check inventory before I start negotiations. So I guess it's a case of "learn or burn." But, that, in some ways, is what gaming is about. You learn what works, and what doesn't, and you also learn to watch out for what's going to hurt you....a lesson learned exactly because you didn't watch out.

In the end the game would be pretty lame if you didn't have these things to watch out for, but I can certainly concur with the idea that making our instants (coin and supply) immediately available would make things less dangerous.