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My First Fellowship ♦ RECRUITING!


MFF - One of the Fastest Growing Fellowships, especially helpful to new players, although ALL are welcome!! There are a few well-established players here, all looking to make this a better fellowship!

They have revamped, removed the inactives and are looking for active players to participate in neighborly help, tournaments, Fellowship Adventures, the Spire and more, including individual events!! All you need to do is just play the game!!

To be able to be of help to both the FS and yourself, you need to be here a MINIMUM of 3 days per week, with Neighborly Help (NH) for all in those 3 days as well. More is even better! Your city must show reasonable, steady growth while in this FS. or you risk being removed. Sadly, it is NOT something anyone ever wants to do!

If you feel that the game is not for you, please let them know and before quitting, please leave the fellowship first. You are ALWAYS welcome to return!

Crossglenn, Durzo Blint, P00pman6789 and I are here EVERY day, multiple times to answer questions and provide assistance!

Fair, 2 or 3-star trades, participation is required in all FS events as you are part of this fellowship! No Drama, ALL questions are welcome, that's how you grow!! If you're new, have patience! We will help you to become strong enough to participate in all events!

We finish all three paths of the FA and make it to the Pit! The Spire regularly reaches the bronze reward and eventually, we'll try for silver! This is not a ten-chest tourney group though; however, we are looking to start doing occasional push tournaments (prob steel) to reach that level!

We require nothing more than the above and a willingness to communicate and grow your city, making it as much fun as possible!

No application is necessary, just hit the "JOIN" button, if you like what you see! We have cookies!
(posted for the FS while I was a member but I'm sure they can use some players!)

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