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Hello My Introduction


New Member
Hi, I am Whisper Memory as a type of nickname. I am fairly new to this game and I have checked it out once before. I really enjoy this game, and it is a fully fascinating game. Since I am new to the community I extend my highest tokens and greetings to you each. I don't want to make this post thread long, so I will be as quick to the point as possible. So I hope you each can enjoy my presence as I grace this land of Elvenar. And I will be looking forward to parousing the forum as to gather details and intel like information. I would like to extend my highest tokens and greetings to each, so that you will all be able to welcome me as a new member of this community. I look forward to being apart of this entire community and hope to hold grace so as to morally guide myself through this forum. I can very well say that I can learn to become a better player here. I have already taken somewhat of a look at the forum, and see that it truly comprises for the benefit of each player. With that in mind I can now gracefully exit and thank you for taking time to read, "My Introduction."

Whisper Memory