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Help Mykan's Guide to Elvenar


Well-Known Member
Can anyone give me an idea as to what the maximum numbers of squares you will need for different buildings
Here's a link to the Gems of Knowledge page that discusses this in detail. It does keep changing throughout the game, but some things remain constant. This is discussed on the forum at times as well.
Example: General consensus for factories is 40 squares per Tier as a good average. So, if your boosts are marble, crystal, and gems you want 40 squares devoted to each of those factory types. If your marble are 2x2, you'll need 10, but once they are 5x4 you'll only need 2. For a variety of reasons that change as you go through the chapters (some chapters require more Tier 2 goods; others are heavy on the Tier 3 requirements; sometimes you win a bunch of event bldgs that give goods, etc) you'll need to tweak this every so often to meet your needs.
That site has loads of helpful information, so once you get over there, poke around a bit...


I'm trying to find out whether the username can be changed. I feel like this is a pretty basic question lol but my searches keep coming up with no results.


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Your forum username can only be changed by intervention of the mods. I think they only do it if there is something about it that violates the rules, but you could ask by contacting support.

Your game username is also frozen, barring terms of service breaches.

Other than that, your option is to make a new account and start over.


New Member
Just entering Constructs. I've sold off my Goldsmiths and Trap Makers. Can I also sell my portal now - or is there some reason to wait. Want to rearrange my city to make room for the new portal, etc.?Thanks.


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There's a quest to sell the portal that awards 2 5hr time boosters. If you are willing to skip that reward, go ahead and sell it.