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    Your Elvenar Team

Mystics of Elvenar [Rank 5]



Fellowship: Mystics of Elvenar
Rank: 4
Server: Cerayvn [Server created 5/30/17]
Archmage: Nuriyaturei

Our Current Needs: Boosted Goods Only!

Tier 1 Goods: Planks*
Tier 2 Goods: Scrolls , Silk
Tier 3 Goods: Gems*, Elixir

What we expect from you!
Always post fair trades! 2 Stars or better!
- Treat your neighbors and fellowship members with respect
-Fellowship member visits 3 - 4 times weekly minimum!
-Indicate what kind of help you need in your city name [B = Builders hut, C = Culture, MH = Main Hall]
- Have fun, It is after all a game!

Thank you for considering joining us and the fun!
Send Archmage Nuriyaturei a message in game message or submit an application directly to the fellowship in game!

I will not check messages often here on the forums!!!!

Don't think you are ready to keep up with our fellowship yet and or are new?
Learn with our sister fellowship:

Fellowship: -Unity-
Archmage: StarLAN [Rank 60's]

-Unity- will teach you how to play and help you grow!

To apply send StarLAN a message directly, or apply to the fellowship directly!

To View their needs / Rules Visit their forum thread
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