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Nebula Knights


Fellowship description:
For a long time ago, in a galaxy far far away..

There was born a nebula of the brightest and purest stars, among these young stars there happened a miracle. Suddenly the stars turned sentient, their pure form of being turned into a force with intent and purpose. But space, although pretty to behold is a lonely place, so the young stars sought companions. Despite the vastness of space, first two then more stars collected, almost as if by design.
The stars united and became the sentient sentries known as the Nebula Knights.

Awesome name, awesome description and awesome group.

founded today! come be the star you have allways been!


Were now have 19 players and naturally need 6. if you are boosted in elixir its perfect if not then lets talk about it. we have absorbed whole fellowships before. so if you are in a group smaller than 7 and you are all up for a change. hit me up and ill see if you can become part of something bigger.

Nebula knights is now ranked 55 and we did all 3 paths in FA.