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Need help with basics


Well-Known Member
Try to look for units with the least amount of weaknesses

Light melee: It will have a hard time in the first battle but easy in the second
Light Range: will be totally powned in the first battle, no chance you even reach the second.
Heavy melee: will be ok in the first battle but totally powned in the second.
Heavy Range: Might be ok in the first battle, but will; be totally powned in the second

Mages: Will do pretty good in the first battle with only 1 dog to be troubled with. Will be neutral agains 4/5 units in the second battle with a hard time agains the lone dog.

Mages (blossom / priest) will be most likely lead to success in this matchup. if you go on manual mode, you could use a light range unit to look at the map first.
If the map disallows the enemy dog to reach only 1 of you position put a light range/cerberus unit on that position and move it to a location where it is unreachable by both the enemy hellhoud or the strategist.
This gives you a free unit for the second map.

but I would rather use the diplomacy route if both do not lead up to a easy solution.