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Negotiations and Tier 2&3 Goods


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I just started a new city in another world. My city seems to be on the edge of a wasteland from (clockwise) NE to due South. So far I've been trying to stick to building a circle around my city, but it really doesn't make a lot of sense to continue the circle. But then I started worrying that I might run into negotiations for T2 & T3 goods. I'm still in chapter one, and T2 Factories aren't until midway through Chapter 2.

So my questions are:
1. It may not make sense to continue the circle but does anyone have a good reason why I should?
2. If I choose to negotiate my way to neighbors and not make that circle (which would clearly take me longer to do and yield nothing), then I would likely hit say Ring 5 or even 6 rather quickly. Would I encounter negotiation costs for T2 (or even T3) goods? Or do those ONLY show up once you have a factory?



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1. The only plus to expanding evenly is that it is cheaper, and therefore faster to make your city bigger etc.
2. Negotiation costs are not tied to anything in your tech tree other than advanced scouts, so yes, you can run into T2/T3 negotiations before you research them


hopefully you will find an active FS with some boosted members that can help you. It took me like 4 tries in my 2nd city to find a FS that was able to post the trades I needed. and that is what will help you.. no matter where you are. an active FS with a minimum of 10 members that are all active and post trades. If the one you are in does not work. check out others and leave yours and join the one that works for you. no matter how many times you have to change FS. smiles... I would be lost without mine.


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This is my second city and I'm in a fellowship and they do help me - it's always slow going at first. But really just wanted answers to the questions I posted.

Thank you for your help!