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Never seen this before...


Oh Wise One

Edit: I have 6 of these.


This is what it looks like on my map.....AND I now have 32 coin pits.
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I think it’s sometime on or near the weekend that they delete inactive cities. Coin pits so up prior to moving day if it’s an inactive city. Saw it happen elycsandir often enough


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got one of those the other day. kinda figured i just had weird timing to get that about exactly when they get converted to a coin city


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Haven't seen that one before. Probably got pulled into cold storage right as you were about to help them out.

I have seen notices that indicate that a city was moved elsewhere right when I was about to help it, though. Happens most often Monday morning, back when I did neighborly help during that time of day on that day of the week. I don't know if the message you got was the exact one that I got since I didn't pay too much attention to it, but it does seem somewhat different. ... I think?

Crazy stuff.


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I have one in my neighborhood that has been there two years. Of course I skipped exploring it so maybe that's to be expected? ;) I've never seen that message before though.



Reply to all:

I have never had any of those messages or inactive players, or brown spots with green around so I guess this only happens during a certain period of time? Anyway, I'm sure that its nothing to worry about, just reading all these posts, it seems like its a normal thing to me, even though I have not yet experienced it lol.