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New buildings shops


A new building would be nice. A shop where neighbours can come by and purchase our weres. On the first few levels we create something out of marble (statue), steel (sword?), planks(rocking horse). If someone buys said product they receive the materials, we get coins.
As you upgrade you can make more items, people can collect different manufacturing goods or mana.

We use up supplies, to make said items.
This wouldn't count as neighbourly help, just a way to pass the time while waiting for workshops/manufacturing to complete. Another way for people to collect materials. Boost interactions.


I like the idea of new types of buildings and new ways to interact with each other's cities. I'm not sure about adding a new type of manufactured goods however. It seems that there are quite a few goods to keep track of in the game.


Ya. Just to have some kind of shop for neighbours to visit. The debs could figure out the details of how to make it work. :rolleyes:

Maybe have two different options in styles/colour for the residences and workshops. Just to have a little variety.

Risen Malchiah

Well-Known Member
In theory, this could be added to the trader itself. Visit a city, click on the trader, and it could list all the goods, coins, supplies, settlement goods, or orcs available for a price set by the player. I like this a lot actually.