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New elf player, when is the best time to become a fighting city?


I think the kind of strategy you are talking about requires manual fighting. I run 3 cities and go pretty deep in the tournament and to the top of the spire every week, so I just don't have time to do manual battles anymore. When using autofight Blossom Mages will outperform Bud Sorceresses in almost any encounter. In fact when using autofight 1 star and 2 star Blossoms will typically outperform Bud Sorceresses.
Yes, you are right. It is completely, typically manual. And I dont disrespect the value of the blossom: first strike and five hex reach is a valuable combination. Each troop has a niche to fill, but it takes a manual fight survey to find them, sometimes.
And I also agree with you about the Monasanc. It is expensive, but it is an investment into the longer game. Since we Elves rely so strongly on Golems, I would put in a word on the necessity of the Temple of the Toads.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I do use Buds in autofights too. Like @Gkyr said, you pair Bud Sorceress with other offensive oriented units. Her role is situational nerfing and cannon fodder. She can absorb a lot of hits from heavy range (-50%) and heavy melee (-60%) units at level 3. Any time they go after her instead of archers for instance, it lets archers live a little longer to send off another volley of shots since the the archers are doing most of the offensive damage, not her. Like I autofight with 5 Blossoms all the time, but I would probably never have all 5 be Buddies because then it's all "defense". A Bud with 1hp left still is very useful in battle bc she nerfs whoever she enchanted by a whopping 50%. But yes, she is even better when manual fighting. Sometimes I position her to clog a 1-tile entrance in front of an approaching heavy range and have everyone else run away and be safely out of range. She is a short range unit so she has to be in the front lines anyway. Blossoms are long range artillery, but if the enemy ever reach her, she'd die if they just sneeze on her. She's got a super weak defense and is definitely not cannon fodder material.


Oh Wise One
I do use Buds in autofights too. Like @Gkyr said, you pair Bud Sorceress with other offensive oriented units. Her role is situational nerfing and cannon fodder.
I find that autofight works best with 5 unit groups of a single type. If you are getting good results mixing units, then would you like to switch laptops with me? Cause it seems yours is smarter than mine. LOL


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
You're not wrong! I have learned not to go with more than 2 types of units on autofights to limit wonkiness.


Chef, Scroll-Keeper, Buddy's #1 Fan
I spent a few weeks observing autofights, which includes watching what happens when implementing @ed1960's suggestion of using 5 of same type of troop. The gist of it is AI fights so bad that matchups don't really matter. Using 5 of same type of troops makes the fighting a lot more generalized than specifically tailored to each enemy. It's not the most efficient in terms of troop loss, but you'll have a better shot coming out with a victory autofighting.


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Going back to the original question: Considering you don't get the Bud Sorceress until the end of Fairies (and Blossom Mages toward the start), perhaps Fairies chapter would be a good time to switch to being a fighting city.


I’m pretty far from fairies-but I can still get blossom mages from bumblebee stables. I mainly fight.

Guurt The Destroyer

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The Bumblebee Stables make Drone Riders, which are a light melee unit. Blossom Mages are a mage unit. I am not aware of any building other than the Mercenary Camp that makes Blossom Mages.

I almost upgraded my Bumblebee Stables. I looked everywhere and couldn't find a reference to Blossom Mages from the Bumbleebee Stables... thought I would check back here to see if someone corrected that or not. Glad I didn't do the upgrade.


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I’m pretty far from fairies-.... I mainly fight.
Fighting in the low chapters has some risks
1. Your ability to replace troops is limited and the possibility of running out is high.
2. Your troops are Weak Human or Elf 1 and 2 star so after province 6-10 or so you are outnumbered and out powered
3. The cost of replacing troop losses will take away from growth.

Catering is very cheap in the low chapters and allows you to build up your troops and save them so that as you progress the increase in power to your troops applies to all that you have saved up. Providing a larger and stronger army for later use.