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Discussion 'New Fellowship Adventures feedback

hvariidh gwendrot

Well-Known Member
lol considering i don't look in here everyday this goes back a few post .. where i didn't tell anyone to shut up, just pointed out the whine fest they were having, another ol timer sad they have to think of a new way to do things .. when players come in here and are asking the game to be run by a bot basically or want inno to cater to them and thiers and to heck with the rest, so they don't have to pay attention to what they are doing i will comment on it ..when i do pop in .. the new format was fine for those who paid attention to what they were doing, and communicated with the team .. never asked anyone to play like me either .. that's for you so called long timers who do whine constantly about changes vs dealing with changes like grown ups do .. there were advantages and disadvantages for bigger and smaller players mixed in that effected everyone, and as posts show many enjoyed the new format


Well-Known Member
oh yea! An almsot glitch in the FA i noticed (and sure many other did too). When doing the tourney and you reached enough to complete a badge, what ever type of badge it was, the square quest icon on the left of the screen often didnt change to the bright green check mark to let ppl know that somethings been completed.
I did notice something like this. I was collecting carefully.
"one-two-three-four-five-green --- hey, why didn't it light up? it was five, right? Click. Yep. Hmmm"
[resume collecting -- multiples of two, three, five, or ten depending on statues, necklaces, blacksmiths, or farmers, and so on]
The added bits of anxiety were not pleasant as the momentary delay or absence made me wonder if something was wrong, if it didn't count (therefore, manufacturing time wasted, which was especially concerning for 48 or 24 hour runs). Fortunately, I wasn't waiting for it to light up before stopping and I was expecting a badge so I didn't over collect, so more a curiosity than problem. I have a bit of a life outside Elvenar and events/FA pull me in more often than usual so I need my visits to be efficient. Those extra pauses and hesitations added up, but not worth me complaining about (this isn't me complaining, just stating my experience). There are a lot bigger headaches out there....

MinMax Gamer

Well-Known Member
I love the mystery chests, I love the 500 diamonds in it and I like the free KP/KP instants it very often gives, and a few of the buildings ain't that bad either.
So you stopped hoarding mystery chests, is that right? I am still sitting on probably 100+ of those, even though there is no (obvious) reason to do that now. Well, except timing KP inflows perhaps.


Well-Known Member
So you stopped hoarding mystery chests, is that right? I am still sitting on probably 100+ of those, even though there is no (obvious) reason to do that now. Well, except timing KP inflows perhaps.
107 still in stock on my main ;)
Vut I got a second city, that opens them more often.

On my main I open them or a few of them when I am in need of diamonds.

Sir Squirrel

Well-Known Member
I would like the devs to realize they need to have another look at how the Arcane Residue badge works. There are more points to look at than just it is "doable". Like the randomness of recipes, the fact it cost diamonds to renew the list for recipes, the fact that you need a fully upgraded MA to craft CC's at even a painstakingly slow pace, the cost in CC's (the cost of relics and time to make CC's and although you can get CC's from the spire, it is still mostly random) and spell frags (for smaller cities, later chapters mostly have them in over abundance), and the fact you have to craft stuff you don't want and have no intention of using.
This is a really expensive badge to make in any half decent amount. This is why I think they need to look at either rolling over the VV's or some other way to make it a not so extensive drain on resources.
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Well-Known Member
I am not totally disappointed with the changes.... but here's what I have to opine about.

1. Don't reuse a name and change requirements. A Golden Bracelet should be 'retired' or whatever, but call this new collect something different... like an emerald ring. Not so hard to come up with a new designation is it?

2. The number of blacksmith badges is still totally through the roof. People complain about shanty towns, but when you need hundreds of blacksmiths and you have a small fellowships with smaller cities, there really is no recourse.

3. The Arcane Residue badge needs to be looked at a little harder... not that 10 is completely unreasonable (although I feel it's high) but the recipes need to be copacetic with said badge. I already have an issue with the recipe 'randomness' .. this just makes it worse.

4. Stacking, although it seems to cause many people deep distress, would be a nice feature. I was having a great deal of lag with the game and I lost, conservatively, 15 blacksmith badges and 10 statues over the course of this FA.


New Member
here is my feedback: 1) i absolutely despise the following idea in these types of events: having as a requirement 3 items to get past a check point and those 3 items are made by the same building. Yes, I know that this a fellowship event and I am not the only one making those items but still when you need 17 of 1 item, 13 of item 2 and 64 of item 3 with the items taking 3 hrs, 9 hrs and 2 days respectfully a bit much. Take into account that is on map 3 and took a fairly decent sized fellowship(15+) 3 days to get to map 3 and you can see a problem, especially when all three items are needed on the other two maps and in fairly high numbers.

2) this event seemed geared toward fellowships that are completely full with members and have several who are high "level" so to speak. I say this due to the fact that you need to have at least 10 workshops, and i would say at least 3-5 each of the factories, this requires to have high population available. It also requires to have the space to squeeze that number of buildings in. space is at a premium in this game and i'm not going to destroy a building I've worked hard to either get (from an event) or have built up in levels just to place a temporary building. Yes, I realized we did get some building teleports from the halloween event but i only 3 of them Those should be made more available. Either that or we should have a way to put a building in storage without a special item

3) having one badge be dependent on two other events in the game was and is annoying should never have been allowed. as my entire family plays which means several different fellowships are represented, i know that several got stuck on check points that required that particular badge as both events had completed and we all had to wait at least a day, if not longer, for them to restart. and yes, our fellowships used that time to stockpile other badges but still it shouldn't have happened.


Well-Known Member
1) as you point out, yes it's a team thing so the key is to have different players make different badges according to their strengths.
2) yep, it certainly favors full fellowships, but there's not much that can be done about that. Scaling the FA to FS size would be possible, but is a terrible idea because it would encourage fellowships to remove every under-performing player and that's just bad for morale.
3) This is solved by strategy and planning. The badges of this type were sorely needed to add some variety to the quests.